Weddings & Events

Welcome to our weddings and events page,
here you will find all our information on booking, fees and photos of our work!

Wedding Makeup

Bride 1.5hrs from $120

Bridesmaid or Attendant from $100

Junior Bridesmaid or Attendant under 12 from $60

Travel includes travel to the destination, setup, pack up ect.

0km - 10Km Included

10km-20km $20

20km - 30km $40

30km - 40km $60

40km+ $80+

To book please contact Red Desert Beauty directly or
book your consult via the online booking (consult category).
Travel is a minimum of 3 people.
*prices are subject to change at any time.
Minimum of 2 Makeup Artists at events with more then 3 attendees.

Hair Styling

Hair styling is available with our artists, this is priced from $100pp for weddings and events, please contact us for pricing.