Lets talk acrylic removal!

This is a very important issue, it is NOT OK for your acrylic nails to be ripped off, this WILL damage the natural nails sometimes beyond repair.

Our method of removal for nail enhancements consists of a few very simple and easy to follow steps.
We start by buffing the top layers down and applying cotton wool soaked in acetone then each finger is wrapped in aluminium foil to keep it in place. We then let it sit for 10-15 minutes so the acrylic becomes pliable enough to remove from your nail. In some cases where incorrect products have been used from another salon we will repeat the steps till the product is removed.

We will only soak your nails off, we will not rip, pull, cut or lift your nails off!

A very important question we are asked is how are we different and how to know if your technician is following correct procedures? well the firstly ask about their products and qualifications, anyone with the correct documentation would be happy to show you.

Below we've listed how to make a clear decision and what to look out for when choosing a salon.

Why we are different?
First of all our products are different, we use safety approved gel polish and EMA acrylic.
Our qualifications mean the world to us, we study for years and continue to study multiple times a year.
You know our lives, and we know yours, we love to sit and chat about upcoming events, what the kids are up to ect.
One of the biggest difference is we're clean, each tool, each section, nothing is left to chance.
And if there is ever an problems we will fix it, we do have a guarantee on all of our services so please don't hesitate to contact us!
We take your safety very seriously! We are a proud Emendee Hero Salon, we have state of the art dust and fume extraction in all our tables. no dust or harsh fumes are breathed in here!

Spotting Non Standard Salons -
Ever walked past a nail salon and thought wow that smells? This is an indicator that MMA is present. MMA acrylic is used by the NSS, it is not safety approved and hasn't been since the 90s.
These salons mostly use the same tools on each client without cleaning them, its sadly due to the large volume of clients they are made to turn over each day.
Your nails may hurt for hours or days - this is not normal, an e-file is not supposed to be used to grind your natural nail down or cut you.
The acrylic is ripped or snapped off, this is also an indicator of MMA as it doesn't soak off very quickly.

Remember - always ask for qualifications and question every product that is being used on you, you deserve it, after all it is your health!
For more Information on MMA and the dangers to your health please follow this link.
You can also book your removal or any other services by using the Book Online tab above!

Thank you
Red Desert Beauty



Incorrect acrylic removal
MMA Acrylic - nails ripped off noticeable damage to both the free edge and nail bed, rings of fire, over filing and sore spots. *Not our Photo
Correct removal performed by RDB
Ema Acrylic, soaked of by our qualified technicians. This client has been to our salon for 3 years straight and continues to have her acrylics applied every 3 weeks.

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