BIAB Clear

A We hope you have been keeping well! As we all know due to the state of the economy at the moment can be hard to spoil yourself, due to this reason we are implementing a new nail service –

BIAB Clear

BIAB Clear will still be the wonderful service you’ve all come to love but this service will be clear builder gel on natural nails, with the price being a tad more affordable. So, if you are needing to drop down to this level don’t be afraid to ask 😊

BIAB Clear Short – natural nails no longer then the edge of your finger, natural square or rounded
BIAB Clear Medium – Natural nails just over the edge of your finger, think short almond/round
BIAB Clear Long - natural nails a tad longer for shapes such as coffin or longer almond/round

BIAB Clear Short $45
BIAB Clear Medium $50

To book this service please choose natural nails - Biab Clear

We hope you have an amazing day



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